What more could a little one ask for in our scorching, desi summers heat, than hours of water fun in a pouring station? :p

THIS activity is AMAZING….a FAVORITE at our place. It will keep your little ones engaged for a loong loong time (very easily an hour) and provides a pack of sensory and motor fun with loads n’ loads of learning.

We do it very frequently, say once at least every 2-3 weeks, since the little one LOVES anything and everything to do with WATER, and we use our inflatable pool for an outside dip during day time in Summer…..and that is SUCH an ideal time when you can perform this activity.


Pouring Station


Toddlers are extremely inquisitive creatures, who want to practice every new thing that they observe around. They will see you pouring water from a bottle or jug into glasses and would want to mimic that, hence, of course, creating a lots of indoors mess that eventually you have to ‘keep cleaning’. At our place, a lots of cups, empty bottles and mugs have been an integral part of our regular bath time, hence little one gets ample time to practice her skills and satiate her curiosity.

We observed that Pouring activities are soooo commonly practiced at Montessories and Pre-schools, and if with ‘no effort at all’ you can easily perform them at home, with a lots more fun time for your little one…..then WHY NOT??

In our Pouring Station activity, we use a lots of big and small tools to give a pouring a more ‘learning’ twist, and to help the little one learn this simple and useful life skill. We also introduced the concept of ‘color mixing’ to add fun factor, which is excellent for pre-schoolers.

AGE: 18 Months +

Skills: Fine Motors, Hand eye Co-ordination, Sensory Skills, Concentration, Basic Math, Color mixing Science


  1. A couple of plastic containers/ jars of different sizes
  2. Scooping and Pouring Tools.
    • We used a set of Beach toys which was fantastic for scooping, pouring and straining water.
    • We also used a ‘Scooper’ and ‘Dropper’ which we had readily available from the Learning Resources Helping Hand Fine Motor Tools Set, available on Amazon, Walmart, E-bay etc for our international Desi Moms 🙂 You can be as creative as you want with whatever items you have at hand.
  3. Water
  4. Food Coloring in different colors (optional but highly recommended)
  5. A few small balls or small toys to add on the fun element.

Pouring station

Put all these things on the floor in your porch, driveway, lawn or Terrace (or even indoors if you feel like). Add few drops of food colors in the water containers……and bring your little ones for a SURPRISE, and let them take the lead.

We leave one container EMPTY for the little one to fill herself. Great way for them to get a little know how on filling and emptying concept.

Tip: Feel free to use a sheet if you want to. We did it once but now totally go without it. Also, don’t get upset about the mess. Water plays are always messy. This is the best part about taking it outside. Oh and yes…..hence the coverall/ smock saying ‘I love making a mess’ 😉 We DON’T mind that at all at our place.

Pouring Station

Trying to figure out how to scoop out the ball with different tools is sooo much fun! 😀
Pouring 3


Pouring Station

We ABSOLUTELY LOVE OUTDOOR activities for the fact that there is SOOO much around which adds to the value and fun factor. It could be Birds, the cars and trucks etc
And like in our case, AEROPLANES…….truly a SENSORY experience.

pouring 5
This was the first time we introduced this Scooper and Dropper. The little one was extremely amused with the scooper and how it works. The balls we chose to include were a perfect fit for the scooper and could be scooped out of the water, and the water strains out of its holes. PRETTY INTERESTING 🙂

pouring 6


pouring 7

For the LOVE of this activity, we performed it AGAIN on another bright sunny day, and notice how we completely skipped the sheet and coverall/ smock this time. We set the station near the inflatable pool so the little one could take a dip and be back to the station as much as they want.


Pouring 9


Pouring 10

This is SUCH a simple, FUN & LEARNING PACKED activity, which adds sooo many skills to your little ones. It is a MUST for our Summer, and gives you SOOO much time on your own, BUT DO NOT leave your little one un-attended and un-supervised at ANY TIME even for a few minutes in water.

Do let us know how it went for you in the comment section below 🙂

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