So what if Play Tunnel toys are not easy to find here in our country, you can make one at home 😀

Remember we promised you a fun and easy peasy Tunnel activity in our last post while talking about Toy ideas to boost Gross Motor skills?

Here is an absolutely simple activity, and all you need is a HUGE CARDBOARD BOX which doesn’t even have to be very fancy.

We have loads of cardboard boxes in our house & sometimes you wonder what to do with them. Lately we have stopped throwing them as they are sooo useful for sooo many activities & DIYs., like THIS fun tunnel activity.

Age: 9 months + (Anytime when they have started crawling)

Skills: Gross Motor Skills, Sensory exploration, Imaginative Play


Material you need:

  • A Huge Cardboard Box.
  • A few colorful & different textured clothes. We used little one’s old tights/ leggings here.
  • Any other toy item that you can hang. We had some Pom-poms available readily which we used along with a few hanging rattle toys.


Place the box horizontally with both ends open, thus creating a tunnel. Make big holes on the top using a cutter or scissors, and push cloth pieces through the holes and hang the rattles.

The top of the box would look like this:


And this is how both ends of our Tunnel look like from inside.

We took out rattles from little one’s baby days and used them here for the tunnel path.

Tunnel 1


Tunnel 2

And look who’s here to have a ball in the Tunnel 😀

Tunnel 3


tunnel 4


Tunnel 5

And do you know we even found some of our favorite little toys hiding inside the tunnel?? 😀

We hid little objects & rattling balls inside the tights to enhance the sensory experience.

Tunnel 7

Look what i found 😀

Tunnel 8

For all of those moms who have a toddler at home know just how daunting a task it is to take a toddler’s pictures, especially a one who’s moving (oh and aren’t they always moving??) *phew*

There were SOOOO many rounds of the tunnel from one end to the other the whole day long. And you wouldn’t be surprised to know that elders in the house took their turns too :p By the way, THIS is what we love about doing activities with the little ones. You get to spend a great, one-on-one, quality fun time with your little ones.

The fun part is that babies use their own imagination and come up with such interesting games during the play. There were sessions of Peek-a-Boo, chasing mama, throwing balls to the other end etc. 

Let us know how this activity worked for you and share your pictures with us too 🙂

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