I have been a “Books” person ever since i can recall and when i became a mom, it was only natural for me to secretly pray to God to make my girl inherit the love for books too. Trust me, its more because of the overall benefits of reading than my personal bias.

Books are a world of its own and developing a habit to read from earlier on triggers their imagination, provides sensory experience, helps in building vocabulary and introducing newer concepts. Cherry on the top is it adds to the special parent/ baby bonding time and helps set a routine.

Many parents believe that their kids are not just cut for reading. My humble tips for you would be to start quite early on, say 4-6 months. Also focus on “age-appropriateness”. They are bound to be bored by advanced texts and concepts. Lastly, create right environment and lead by example by reading yourself and keeping books on display. Monkey see, monkey do right? (More tips on this post i did on how to pick the right book for 0-2 year old)

Once your lil ones are in the groove of book reading, the gigantic task of collecting the ‘right’ books begin. One thing is desperately lack in Pakistan is good libraries and books in big stores are heavy on the wallet but guess what if you have a knack for fun, catchy phrases, you can even scoop out a haul from a road side “thaila”(cart). *True story*

There can never be “enough” books but some books are GENIUS. Everything about them is MAGIC, from concept,stories, phrases and rhymes. They rocket launch your kids imagination to another world, another space.They are super fun for parents and kids alike. They are simple with exciting visuals. They set the stage for a lifetime of reading. These are the books you find yourself repeat-reading 6 times in a row before little ones just can’t get enough.

Today i bring to you the 20 of our most FAVORITE BOOKS ( for 2-5 age) along with links to buy them from. I have tried my best to add as many Pakistani links as i can.

PERSONAL FAVORITES  (Highly Recommended)

1. Giraffes cant Dance

Every single kid needs to be reminded that ‘they can do ANYTHING if they set their heart and mind to it”. Gerald the giraffe, who can not dance because of his crooked knees and thin legs is the cutest, most adorable example of that. Read to find out how he is declared the best dancer in the jungle. Truly inspiring and heart warming, this one is an all time favorite.

2. Llama Llama Series

This cute llama talks about interesting things like separation anxiety, mood swings and sick times at home. The first one we got was “llama llama red pajama” and we couldn’t help but fall in love with catchy and fun phrases, hilarious pictures and quirky rhymes. Highly recommend all the books.

3. Pete The Cat Series

This ain’t no ordinary cat but a super cool, BINDAAS and kick-ass sort of cat who knows how to walk out of any crappy situation totally”positive and chilled out”. Shes witty and friendly and definitely doesn’t end up crying on small things.

4. Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site

If you have a truck lover, you just can not miss this one with a fun peek into the lives of their favorite trucks and how they lull themselves into sleep after an exhausting, tiring day of work at construction site. Super entertaining night time book!


A book with no words and just some “dots”? Sounds no fun but wait until your little one opens THIS super interactive book and get those “circles” moving and doing fun things by pressing, shaking and tapping. A lot of exciting surprises come your little one’s way! 😀

6. The Day The Crayons Quit

Little ones love their animals but what stories would their crayons tell if they can speak? What a kick-ass way to spark the imaginations of young minds. Find out why their favorite crayons are having a bad day.


7. The Cat in the Hat/ Mr Brown can Moo & Dr Suess Books

Before we had discovered Dr.Suess’s books i always wondered what the hype was about with these conventional looking books. Be prepared to be hooked to these forever with super amusing rhymes, imaginative use of puns and fantastic word play. Also, so easily available at all local bookstores.

8. A Very Hungry Caterpillar

The mother of all the picture books, this one is a timeless classic narrating an interactive story of a hungry caterpillar eating some yummy things on his way through the book and transforms into a beautiful butterfly.

9.We are going on a bear hunt

This brave family is off to an adventure and you can tag along by acting on this classic book.

10. Good night moon

Simple, sweet and calming read for a night night session. This will make your kid fall asleep as they say night night to every little thing around them.

11. Courdroy

A classic, decades old tale of how a friendship develops between a teddy bear in a store and a little girl who brings him home. Just the stuff to make you go “awww” 🙂

12. Chica Chica Boom Boom

Alphabets are having some outdoor fun as they climb up on a coconut tree. Find out what follows in this simple, cute yet timeless ABC book.

13. Dear Zoo 

A little kid is looking for a perfect pet and help him find one through this interactive, lift-a-flap book.

14. Brown Bear/ Brown Bear What do you see / Polar Bear Polar Bear by ERIC CARLE

Beautiful, huge and colorful pictures introducing little ones to their a range of animals and sounds make it a must have. It was the first favorite at our place when girl was about 4-6 months.


15. Little Blue Truck

Another one for truck lovers. This little pick-up truck gets stuck in the muck helping his friend, big dump truck. He is saved by an army of friends i.e farm animals. “Helping” our friend is a nice thing to do and what cute way to reinforce that 🙂


This fish is a grumpy and glum but something happens under the sea which turns the tables around for her.

17. Whats wrong little Pookie?

We have been hooked to this one ever since the toddler tantrum stage officially began. This book is the cutest display of toddler tantrums and mood swings. Pookie the piglet is super cranky and upset and his mom tries to dig out the reason for him.
I have always enjoyed copying Pookie’s mom when lil one was upset to add humor to the situation 😀


A little girl who can not draw gets a kick start to her creativity and ends up being famous. Art is not always complicated, its in small things. Very inspiring read for little fellows.

19. Guess How much I Love You

An adorable conversation between a baby hare and mama hare as he tries to show his immeasurable love to his mama by cute gimmicks.

20. Kiss Goodnight

Another gorgeous good night book as mama bear tries to tuck her baby in the bed but keeps forgetting something important.



The book with no pictures

Dragon Loves Tacos

The Gruffalo

If you give a mouse a cookie


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