Salt Dough


THIS fool-proof Salt Dough recipe is SOOOO EASY and simple, and the outcome is SOOOO cute and adorable.

ALL you need in it is …


Yep you heard it right, that’s ABSOLUTELY it!! πŸ˜€

Not only is it great for keepsakes, it is amazing for a gift on any occasion too like for father’s day (on 19th June) or for a mom’s birthday gift (Hey all you dad’s reading this out there, time to get creative πŸ˜‰ )

MOST importantly, it makes a soooper fun SENSORY activity for your toddler. We did this with our 18 months old to make her hand & footprint keepsake. We did a different hand & print activity on her 1/2 birthday which was absolutely amazing too. We will share that on a separate post. You can do this for your little one’s FIRST birthday bash or a half birthday for that matter, but they might not be as participating at that age.

The little one was absolutely excited through out the process and loved the outcome. We could see the sense of accomplishment in her, while holding this keepsake πŸ™‚

The ingredients & items you will need are:

  1. 1 cup Salt
  2. 1 cup flour
  3. About half a cup Water
  4. A mixing bowl
  5. A baking tray with a cookie sheet


Salt Dough


Mix both the dry ingredients, and then add water little by little while kneading the mixture. You probably won’t need more than half a cup of water. The consistency will remain thick (as in the picture below)

Let your little one take control and let them knead, play and feel the dough. Don’t forget the smock …although this activity does not tend to get too messy, it’s still best to be careful πŸ™‚

Salt Dough

The thickness of your dough will be about 1/2- 1 inches approximately. The thicker it is, more the time it will take to be ready in the oven.

The little one went absolutely crazy giving prints, and she started doing it herself over and over again. She is already well familiar with using her hand for printing as we do it pretty often as a finger paint activity. This activity is great to teach them about hands, feet and finger, and since they are involved themselves, they learn “cause and effect” concept too. And also, that you can make unique things from different ingredients πŸ™‚

Our girl has seen ‘rotis’ (desi flat bread) being made many times at our place and she loves seeing the ‘ball’ of flour being made. That always made her curious in itself so this was a hands-on experience of making ‘the ball’ herself too yayyy πŸ™‚

Once the dough is ready and baby is done playing with it, give it a final shape as you like. You can make it heart shaped or square using any kitchen tool for cutting, we wanted to keep it very very simple and cute as a personal preference.

We gave it its final shape placing it on the cookie sheet and baking tray so that it doesn’t get damaged while transferring. Also, if you are planning to hang it, make a small hole on the top BEFORE throwing it in the oven. We used a STRAW for making a hole. It will look like this….

Salt Dough Hole

And here comes the FINAL HAND & FOOT PRINTSΒ going to the Oven.

Salt Dough Print

Bake the dough on 100C for about 2-3 hours on a pre-heated oven. Once it comes out, it should be very hard, with zero moisture. If you find it soft at any part, you may put it back in the oven for 30-60 minutes more.

The FINAL OUTCOME looks like this

Salt Dough Final


We absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed this activity and so did the girl.

You can be as creative n’ crafty with this keepsake as you want. You can paint the prints or let you LO paint them (especially if they are pre-schoolers and above). We decided to spray paint it in a single SILVER color to make it go with purple tone of the girl’s room. Put your keepsake in a dry place, preferably with a newspaper or some sheet underneath, and spray generously and let it air dry for about half an hour. We did a second coat too but that’s completely up to you.

Once done, feel free to paint or write any type of text on it like date, wish etc. You can use letter stencils to write your baby’s name too while taking the prints.
TA-DAAA. All set to hang!

salt dough final

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