Desi Eid is pretty much all about these things: Food, Clothes & Eidi. Everything else can be put on hold.

Getting quickly back to ‘our’ Eid this year, i did mention in the PART 1 that this Eid was unusual for me since i got to be the host – FIRST TIME EVER! Who got to choose the menu then? Yours truly! 😉



‘Meal Planning’ is SO tricky! Brainstorming options for stuff that resonates with all age groups is quite challenging. Let me put it straight, i am not a sughar gharailo khatoon and i have had my good share of burnt food or cooking failures that never got to see the light of the day. But i tell you, with a combination of warmth and determination, you can turn into a hostess with the mostess.

This year i wowed myself by doing something that i have NEVER, from never i mean N.E.V.E.R, done before. Not even in my wildest imaginations! Not in last 3 decades. For those who know me personally will vouch for what a BIG DEAL kinda thing i did!!

I chose to cook ——— NEHARI.

And not just any ordinary Nehari but……a full-blown, slow-cooked BEEF NEHARI 😀

Yeah, for a hard-core ‘non-meat eater’ like me who has consistently kept a distance from everything meat last 3 decades, somebody who goes underground during Bakra Eid, who has shamelessly cringed and showed nauseating expressions at the mere sight of raw meat and left untouched anything that might just contain a whiff of meat…….this was A BIG DEAL!

So i took the PLUNGE! But WHY?

A. It’s a much coveted, a popularly sought after desi dish on festive occasions and since it takes an entire day to be cooked, reflects just how much efforts you put into it :p
B. Given clean nihari pieces are ready, i knew i didn’t have to do much other than shoving the pot on the stove….just like Haleem. Its a slow-cooked dish.
C. It somehow blended so, so well with rest of the menu.
D. Honestly i am tired of my repetitive, redundant chicken-fish-veggies menu.
E. I chose to stick with the ever faithful, Shan Nihari Masala since it was my FIRST (and perhaps the last :p) time ever. Making Nihari is too tedious a task for a toddler’s mom who usually need to steal 15 mins to take a bath haha! Don’t even get me started on that distinct, thick, beefy odour (‘aroma’ for all the beef lovers 😉 ) that my place was engulfed in. I practically cooked holding my breath every time i was near the stove. Apologies in advance for all the ‘meat-khors’ reading 🙂

So Here is my complete FOOD MENU

*Beef Nihari
*Chicken Boneless Handi
*Fried Fish
*Pea Palao/ Mattar Palao
*Steamed Roast Chicken 
*Salad/ Raitas/ Chutneys


*Sheer Khorma – FIRST attempt ever. To keep up with traditions. Was it good or waht! Arghh no picture 🙁 Because i was so tired i forgot to take it out from fridge to serve 😀 Packed for everybody though O.o *True story*
*Death By Chocolate Cupcakes – Made with my favorite recipe. Let me know if any of you need it.
* Home made Gulaab Jamans – Turned hard so found their permanent abode in the trash can 😀
* Assorted Mithayi
* Assorted Cookies which we forgot to serve with tea too :p


The feast begins!


Stuff that clicks with all kids!


Steamed Kukkar because health is wealth! :p


A picture worth framing! <3


Clothes Highlights

I don’t go off the minimalism track, even if it’s Eid. As much as i love seeing them on women, ghararas and shararas are not for me. My style statement is simple, comfy yet quirky and sleek. Stuff i can juggle all the chores in without fainting in June ki tapti garmi. Ditto for the little miss.

Also, spending 8 to 10k per jora for something that sees the light for a few hours only does not match with my lifestyle philosophy. I would be content donating that amount.

Also, wearing stuff that your phupho ki baitee and every second woman in the town would be seen in, is not my style funda either.

So what did i wear lol? I WORE NO FUSS! 😉

Two shirts i had randomly ordered from Daaman sometime back and the first comfy and sober-festive kurta i found at BEECHTREE, that went with girl’s green, on my first Ramadan trip out to the mall a day before Eid.

But the collection which hands down stole my heart and something i literally wait for, was Daaman’s limited edition kids collection. Their dresses are truly my type of ‘kids-smart’. Not too auntyish for li’l girls and right kinda sweet to make them stand out. After failing to find anything that is smart and can be reused through out the summers, I ordered all three day dresses for M from Daaman’s collection.

M’s Mehndi? Oh YESSS! Here is a mehndi-freak toddler. Design courtesy Omer Naqi’s wonderful interactive Eid book. Flowers and butterfly. No pictures of butterfly.
Bangles? Oh YESS! What are Nanis and Daadis for?
Khussas?? We didn’t get time and frankly i wasn’t left with any energy to do the effort after round-the-clock work sort Ramadan.
Shoes for me? HEELS all the wayyyy!!! Charles & Keiths and Aldo! Wore none, slippers zindabad when you have a busy Eid.

Here are a few images for your viewing pleasure! 😀 Never mind the quality and quantity, i proved to my family once and for all that i can throw bigger, more dangerous tantrums than my toddler! 😉

On special ‘toddlers request – Flower design copied from Omer Naqi’s Eid book – A Butterfly on the back that i don’t have the picture for


Ever-ready for a Mehndi session!


Indian Thappa <3


Lovvve it! <3


Eid Day 1 – Tired after a hectic day! Dozed off on the sofa with dozen guests around lol


Ever – GREEN! <3 Not my color but we love to match!

The olive green dress costed me total 6k along with the separate pants! Wohoo! Check Beechtree stores as they don’t have it online. 
Daaman’s kids Turquoise twin set glitter dress is still available HERE.  

Day 2 at Nani’s place Lovvvve this squirrel! :*


Yellow yellow dirty fellow! 😉


Love Daaman for their sleek, trendy cuts! <3


A dinner out with family in the most June-humid weather arghh!


Chikan shirt with angular sleeves is sold out in yellow, but available in cool pastel blues and pinks HERE.  That super adorable yellow chikan shirt and chikan pants set is still available at Daaman Kids here

Both Outfits: Daaman Love white, love this twinning!


Random chilling outside our place – tells how ‘wailey’ we were! 😀


That moment in photography when you miss your sun-glasses the most! O.o

M’s sooper cute off-white chikan dress is still available at Daaman HERE in all the sizes in case you are interested.

How was your EID? What did you wear? Fill me in.
Read about our Eid last year HERE. 

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