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Belated Eid Mubarak, Ramadan Mubarak and BLOG’S 1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY Mubarak! ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh yeah ….the blog officially turned 1 on 8th May and guess what i had a cool anniversary giveaway half-set and ready for you guys, and then ‘life happened’ steering me away to a hibernation mode of a sort. But never mind, we are going to carry on with the ‘giveaway’ plan which will be announced in a few weeks.

Today i will give you a sneak peek into what we have been up to last few weeks. Ready???


Ramadan Highlights


  • With the little girl getting more aware and receptive of her surroundings, this year i decided to do a lot of ‘Ramadan and Eid’ talk with her. The best way to introduce a new concept is of-course by making it fun so we did a tiny decor a day before first Roza. Nothing too fancy – some gold/ silver moon and stars strings with fairy lights and a RAMADAN MUBARAK banner.ย Everyday right before iftar time, the lights would go up and stay on up till sehri time. How festive!!

    Btw going through my ‘Ramadan rant’ kinda post from last year, i found it cute how only then i was hoping for the girl to be old enough so i can do Ramadan crafts with her <3 An year passed so quick! ๐Ÿ™‚

    [The decor wasn’t planned to be up on the blog so i hardly have any picture especially of the R.A.M.A.D.A.N Mubarak Banner ๐Ÿ™ Can you imagine? 30 days up and no picture O.o]

  • My Ramadan regime was sooper clean and smooth. Its always a low-key thing with no outdoor or grand sehris and iftars. Guess it kills the purpose, Ramadan is the time to reflect and connect to your spiritual self. I feel its a God-gifted break, God’s way to tell you to ‘slow-down’ and disconnect from the stuff u do remaining year. I was blessed not to have felt ‘roza’ even once. Part credit goes to my clean sehris and iftars sans truck-load pakoras. And i managed to exercise 80% of the days yippie. [I have compensated all that saaf suthra khana with a triple time unhealthy, oily and sugary food in the last one week since Eid O.o]
  • Little one had her FIRST EVER school experience at Ace International Junior Academyย this Ramadan as she got to attend a short summer camp. It was a dream come true for her and just 2 mins away from my place and the cheapest ever Summer camp costing Rs 1500/- ONLY. WIN-WIN for mom and baby both! ๐Ÿ˜€

    M: “I am going to schoooool!”

  • NANI RETURNS: My mom who had been MIA from the country for last one year (she half-lives in US) came back last month of Ramadan. Little one was ecstatic to meet NANI after all this time. Have you heard this NANI rhyme? You are missing out on the best kids rhyme if you still haven’t! ๐Ÿ˜€

EID Highlights

  • This EID was special because of many FIRSTS.ย Like i got to be the host for EID Lunch the first time ever. Previously, all Eids were spent at my in-laws. Being the party-thrower, i got to do everything my way, choose the menu, do the decor whatever little bit, celebrate with neighbors and friends too etc. Tremendously tiring but full of fun.
  • GIFTS TABLE: With our family structure, Ramadan at our place is a crazy affair with zero time for shopping or outdoor stuff, so naturally i tried to keep Eid decors to minimum best, mainly at the dining area. Set a simple ‘gifts table’ย with Eid favors for kids, Eidi envelopes for adults and Eid presents for the little one…….AND OF COURSE A LOTS OF ‘MEETHA’ –ย comprised of death by chocolate cupcakes, and Sheer Khorma made by yours truly (let me know if you guys want recipes please)ย and Mithayi! Meethi eidi in the truest spirit possible yehay ๐Ÿ˜‰

    EID MUBARAK – Balloons, banners and lights right above the gifts area!

    A sweet & simple Gift Table!

    GIFTS TABLE with home-made cupcakes!


    Eid Favor bag for Little one’s friends!

  • EID FAVORS:ย Eidi is fun but i feel personalized, fun favors are more apt for children. First of all, i am super mad at myself for not having taken any picture of the content inside (argghh i didn’t realize i would be posting them here lol). So i wanted little one to be able to gift some gifts to her friends and cousins to really feel the celebratory essence of Eid. I also wanted them to be simple, sweet and thoughtful so as not to drain me. Also stuff that excites them and gives them LOTS to do instead of ‘just eat’ or give away the money to parents. I have to say its a mind-numbing task to think of cool gift items when you live in Pakistan. You don’t have dollar stores or Target’s super cool stationary area to rush too for fancy and cost effective gift ideas but i am happy i could think of some decent stuff which was exciting without breaking the bank. THESE were the simplest ‘two minutes ready types’ i could make with colorful crepe papers, ribbon and FREE printable tags from HERE and HERE.

    To give you an idea, all favors included …….

    1. Bangles in neutral shades and age appropriate sizes
    2. Mehndi
    3. A set of crayons
    4. A single Balloon
    5. A party horn (i am sure the parents hated me lol but c’mon it was Eid)
    6. A cute set of pencil, emoji erasers and a swan sharpener (arghh i miss not having taken pics)
    7. A pack of SLIME (we have been using DIY at home and i was shocked to find it at the stores)
    8. Few candies
    9. Some cute trinkets/ accessories from Claire’s.ย (For boys, it was a toy car)

  • TASSEL GARLANDS – One part of my dining area was decorated with this tassel garland in gold and silver with gold and silver star/ heart balloons on either side. DIY-ed it using silver and gold pom-poms available at any stationary store since i couldn’t find any nice shimmery sparkly kind of paper. Just carefully open the pom-poms keeping their length intact, twist from top and tie the string around.

    Tassel garland with heart and star balloons at each corner.


  • FLOWER POWER –ย Nothing beats the flower power when you are short on time. Spring is long gone at this part of the world and the weather is sweltering hot so you would usually not find flowers in your neighborhood. A visit to a flower shop is a must for a vibrant variety including imported ones. I have been drooling overย Crysanthemums for sometime now for their lovely bright colors available, longevity and cost effectiveness.
  • A few days before Eid i ordered this AMAZING book My Eid Mubarak Storybookย by Omar Naqi to spice up things a bit for my book-lover girl. Ever since i heard about this book i knew i HAD to get it for Eid but once we started reading it, we literally fell in love. Simple, interactive and a lot of fun. My girl even chose her Mehndi designs from this book – LITERALLY. Will share a picture in tomorrow’s post.

    Hope you enjoyed all that we have been up to last few weeks. Stay tuned to the blog for part 2 for details like food,clothes etc. AND I want to know what you guys did. Comment on xx

    [PS: If you are skeptical as to whether you should fast while breastfeeding or during pregnancy, check a detailed, researched based post i wrote last year on whether to fast or not.]

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