Forget the girl, i myself LOVVVE those colorful POM POMs. Aren’t they sooo cute?


My girl is going to turn 2 years in next few weeks time and i am already working hard on her fine motor skills, something we easily tend to neglect amidst all that hyper active play that toddlers love to do. At this age, toddlers are getting ready for pre-scissors and writing skills, both sooper essential for school readiness. They want to try out different tools and equipment. They can color, scribble, eat themselves, scoop things out etc etc.

So recently, the little one showed interest in using the tools from this EXCELLENT kit Fine motor tool set by Learning Resource. Our ‘par-desi’ readers can buy it for about $8 ONLY while desi ones can keep it in their product list to get from acquaintances visiting from abroad :p

So i decided to do this FUN transferring activity using the TWEEZER from the kit. The purpose was to teach little one holding and using the tweezer properly, great for hand muscle strengthening, hand eye coordination & fine motors.

Unfortunately while Pom Poms are readily available in jumbo packets in US and other countries, they are a rare sight in our desi land. I could finally found a few in a craft set at a stationary store nearby. They are out of stock AGAIN int that store but i will keep a look out and will keep you guys posted on where to find them.

So what i did was…..

I put a box of pom pom balls and an empty muffin tray in front of her at her activity table and gave her the tweezer/ tong, and she kind of figured out what to do herself. You can totally do COLOR SORTING at this point too by placing colored paper in the tin. Remember we did this COLOR SORTING activity with PLASTIC BALLS a little while back. At 21 month, my main focus for this activity was on her fine motors & to introduce her to this new tool. Didn’t want to baffle her all at once by adding color sorting so we just stuck to ‘transferring with tong’

Items you need:

*Muffin Tray

*Any kids-friendly Tong/ Tweezer available at home. I have seen versions of this activity done with Clothespins too, now that’s a great substitute

*Pom Pom Balls

For early Toddlers, you will need to guide them on how to use the Tong/ Tweezer. I filled the muffin tray compartments with a few pom pom balls each so they are easier to take out and left an empty container at one side. Notice in the pictures below how the girl ended up correctly transferring the pom poms with the ‘tweezer’ in some time.

PP 1

Exploring this new TOOL! 

PP6 PP8 PP9 PP10

After filling out the box once, she transferred all the pom poms in one tin AGAIN, to redo the whole activity herself. 

PP16 PP17 PP18


So Moms, if you don’t have any toy tongs/tweezers, you can totally make use of the ones available in the kitchen. JUST MAKE SURE they are baby friendly.

We tried this out to check if this will work or not, and see how it did.

PP23 PP24 PP25 PP26 PP27 PP28 PP29 PP31

Do let us know how this SIMPLE activity went for your toddler.

On an end note, as much fun as this activity was, it ended up something like THIS. Remember our Toddler Tantrums post? :p Baaa-Byee!


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