Yes it does!

Always, everywhere and for EVERYONE! Its inevitable!

But the impact for moms is massive and the frequency of occurrence quite a lot higher.



Bad luck is like an unannounced guest who knocks at your door at odd hours and much to your dismay, makes itself most comfortable in your living room. If i don’t go too far with 2016 and just recollect past few weeks, this dreary guest has crossed my way many times. Let me recap a few times that ‘sh*t happened ‘ for me! After all, year end means locking away the horrid bits n’ pieces forever and starting anew. Flushing FOR GOOD the sh*t that happened. Yes, year end has that impact on me and i love it!

1.  The top of the line thing that almost boiled my blood happened a few weeks back when i hired a local freelancer to remove some glitches from my blog, minor ones that perhaps just bugged some darkest corner of my mind and could totally go unnoticed. Like i said, Sh*t happens! The pseudo-experts messed up with my blog layout and settings to the nines, hence making me go MIA for all these weeks. Still trying to find my way out of the damage they have done, please say a prayer for my peace of mind as you read this! *hmph*

2. En route to our vacations two months back, my girl’s ’empty’ sippy cup containing just a few drops left-over milk, leaked all over my brand new DSLR, damaging it forever. No vacation pictures! A huge cost! Poor thing met an untimely death. Sh*t happens!

3. On the final week of my vacation which had some coolest, bucket-list sort of activities planned (and paid for) the mighty king of Thailand died. May the great old man’s soul rest in peace. With him died ALL the activities and plans too which got cancelled since the country was mourning. Sh*t Happens, you see?

4. Let’s give space to a minor one now. A few days back, i picked this sooper glam antique ring from Mango and excitedly wore and it decided to never come off. Lying stuck right there on my finger causing some gruesome irritation while i have been trying to figure out a way to take it off in single piece. Sh*t happens!

5. Now comes perhaps the mother of all the ‘sh*ts* a mom can go through – my maid went away. Yesss, you heard it right! But in retrospect, this was some 6721th maid this year who went away, kills the surprise factor no? :p

This was just a brief account of last few weeks/ months for me. I am choosing to ignore just how many times my favorite piece got ‘sold out’ from my go-to shops, the clothes which picked color in the laundry, things getting broken, somebody recklessly banging my car, a freelance employer running away without paying and so on so forth!

The bottom line is that if i weigh down the ‘sh*t’ that happened with the number of great things happened this year, chances are that there would be no room for ranting and raving here. And guess what? I can’t even name a single positive thing right now. Why? Because i believe ‘being positive’ is a state of mind reflecting in every single second of your day. It is that firm personal choice you make that come rain or shine, no negative force will ruin your day.

Mommyhood multiplies and magnifies your routine struggles so much that sometimes you succumb to the negative energy a daily grind can bring. There are decisions that go wrong, guilt that hangs on your shoulders like a heavy backpack, parenting ‘standards’ that have to be met, a juggling act that need to be maneuvered.

So, how do you steer your way out of this mayhem? The only thing that worked wonders for me is choosing to render my focus and energies on the great things that happened. Also, acknowledgement of a simple life fact that the circumference of my responsibility and influence is very narrow, beyond that my worries are as futile as running after a toddler.

Hardships and joys are ying and yang that completes your life. As moms, our minds should be instilled with the thought that every thunderstorm will lead to us to a sunshine. Just like in the movie “Life of Pi” i too believe God prefers the story with a tiger and wild animals on our boat. If we shift our perspective to a positive note than difficulties only help to refine us. I read a very beautiful thing somewhere today that “pain is inevitable but misery is optional”.

Hoping 2017 toughens us moms up instead of shrinking us back. Looking forward to an year of ‘positives’ to meet even bigger challenges. Sh*t will not stop happening because it is a natural process (pun intended) but may 2017 be the year which gifts us a high quality lens to look at the obstacles as a polishing tool. May this year help us bury all the guilt inside us and drive us towards meaningful, fruitful contributions. May this year lend us that third hand and a second, more refined brain that we always dreamed of as a mom, to help us balance our juggling act. And yes, in case you are secretly praying may it potty-train those nasty brats without much accidents (the only times that sh*t doesn’t happen?? :/), wean off without some heart-breaks, erupt some teeth without sleepless nights and all that mommy sh*t! :*

Good Bye to all that went wrong in 2016 and thank you God for all the wonderful things. 2016 didn’t kill us, so it definitely made us stronger! :*:*


See you a lot more! xx



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