Kids shopping is simply a lot of fun whether you are a mom of three, mom-to-be or simply a khala, phupho or distant relative picking some gifts. Lets be honest, who doesn’t enjoy stealing a glance at those vibrant aisles full of soft plush fabric, funky prints and quirky designs? The moment you find out a baby is ‘coming soon’, your shopping craze reaches a new height. Fresh lists are chalked down, suggestions start pouring in, budget is drafted (a rule eventually always broken ;)) and the hunt for the coolest baby stuff in town begins.

The whole deal is in fact very tricky as you try to restrain yourself from splurging but simple can not because of the sentimental weightage attached. But the genera parameters for a perfect buy are its cost effectiveness, durability, comfort and style!

Another MEGA challenge that local ‘desi’ moms face is the struggle of finding cool stores. Until recently there were hardly any nice stores to shop from and the final resort was almost always to request the ever so dear khalas, phuphos, nani/daadis or distant relatives living ‘abroad’.

Initially i was disappointed. I terribly missed the shopping experience abroad. Compared to international stores, variety and bargains, it was no fun here at all. But in a span of three years, i have succeeded in finding a few favorites that i can trust for gorgeous, high-quality, trendy baby/ kid products.

Today, i am going to share with you my top places (along with their pros & cons) where i can almost always find something ‘my type’. Here we go!


Welcome to paradise! 😀 No need to hoard on to accessories on your international trip, simply step inside a Claire’s store to find all the magical, fairy tale sort of stuff, from glitter and shine to pinks and purples, from adorable 3D unicorns to bears, kittens and dolls, from coolest stationary items to funkiest jewelry, quirkiest eye masks, umbrellas and brushes to bright decor items – this place is a DREAM COME TRUE for any girl – young or old alike.

WIN: Drooling hawt collection of everything girly imaginable. A permanent 70% Clearance RACK! Frequent store wide 50% off sales. Unique quirky jewelry designs
Downside: High Prices. No online delivery


Super ‘dreamy’ collections of accessories like off-whites, peaches, pastels, black and gold.  Perfect place to match some FORMAL bags, clips and shoes for Eid, party or Shaadi. The mood is sober, sophisticated yet still fun and feminine.

WIN: I am in love with their collection of winter warm hats/ caps, fuzzy stoles and cutest fluffy booties. Like Claire’s they too have a massive season end sale with stuff going on 50-70% off.
Downside: Clothes are pricey for moms-on-a-budget


SMARTEST collection of clothes and shoes, albeit a bit expensive. From a chic red and super warm puffer jacket to gorgeous coats, plaid skirts to glittery cable knit leggings, from fleece pajamas to the cutest romper sets, this place will ensure you have a sophisticated mini-diva by your side.

WIN: Amazing Collection. Excellent quality
Downside: Pricey. The SALES are not fun as the stock is extremely limited with no sizes.


Gets a brownie point for being the pioneer international kids-brand in Pakistan. I give it extra points though for bringing a huge collection of intelligent, learning toys of all kinds. So, its a one-stop shop where you can find clothes, shoes, nursery items, feeding equipment, maternity and pregnancy basics – all under one roof.

WIN: Excellent ELC learning toys section although pricey. Firsts to introduce maternity items like (excellent) pads, bras and tops. Great accessories like smocks, feeding plates, spoons. Baby stuff is gorgeous with soft peach, blues and cream in rompers, onesies, caps etc.
Downside: I am personally not a huge fan of their clothes, average designs for the price you pay.


One stop shop for everything baby/kids. From nursery items, toys, basic layering to clothes you can find a lot of stuff here with great quality and amazing prices.

WIN: Hands-down the best place for high quality basics like bodysuits, vests, PJs. Unisex collection is cute. Reasonable Prices. Super collection of bathing sets, nursery items, play gym etc.
Downside: Super average Clothes and accessories.


Combine soft, playful colors, cutest, quirkiest prints and stylish design and you get an average Hopscotch outfit. Being a budding store, the collections are smaller compared to other places but your odds of finding that yummilicious jumpsuit, frilly skirts, cool graphic tees and classy dresses are high.

WIN: Complete ONLINE SHOPPING! Quirky and stylish designs. Eid collection is yum! Prices are slightly high.
Downside: Small variety of shoes and accessories.


Household name for being the pioneer in kids clothing. From basic to clothes, shoes to accessories, soft toys and more, this place has got it all.

WIN: A gorgeous “Desi” Collection for fashion-froward desi kids.
Downside:  Super high prices especially for desi clothes. Designs get SUPER COMMON. I am not a huge fan of their quality. I sometimes find their clothes ‘overly bright’ even for girls (my personal opinion,feel free to disagree) so for me they are a hit or a miss, however worth a visit for sure.

This is where “stylish” meets “affordable”! The designs and colors are hot but the quality commensurates with the price, considering their stuff is ‘imported’ from Thailand. The sizes are tricky too so make sure you try what you get.

WIN: PRICE for sure. And add their mega season end sale and you have got a STEAL!
 Sizes are tricky. Quality is average.  


This lace respects your WALLET 😛 Decent clothes and shoes. I usually don’t shop a lot from here but i was ecstatic to find cute Summer sandals and shirts worth Rs 600-700 so yes, i definitely check it once in a while to find grab a deal.

WIN: Price
Downside: Less variety. OK Designs.


A decades old ‘Zubaidas’ is renowned among Pakistanis.Opened up in Islamabad only last year. A true one stop shop with all types of imported gears, crib sets, clothes, shoes, feeding equipment, swaddles, onesies etc.

WIN: Everything under one roof. ONLINE SHOPPING. THE Place for baby gears and nursery furniture.
Downside: Clothes designs are average.

Let me know which among these is YOUR go-to place? Comment below mommies! :* :*

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