Babies grow up sooo fast, and skimming through the pictures from last Eid, the realization struck even harder. Just an year can bring such drastic changes in our little ones, like transforming those spiky little hair to cute falling curls, converting those crawling attempts into a ‘speedy run’ through-out the house. Bye Bye to that mute little harmless baby and welcome to a fully conversing and communicating toddler, exuding a whole lot of independence and authority over you. Change is absolutely amazing and i love this CURRENT stage for a fact that you can have sooo much fun with your little ones at festive occasions like EID.

LAST EID was more of ALLLLL ABOUT crying n’ being cranky courtesy those incisors trying to emerge, than about having fun.

THIS EID was all about dressing up pretty (in a ‘summer appropriately’ manner to beat the July heat of course), eating yummy desserts and fruits with Grandmas, feeling excited about all the guests that we soooo abhorred being with last Eid (Ouch), being excited about Mehndi and bangles, unlimited Giggles n’ laughs, loving the camera and most important of all ‘collecting Eidi’ yourself and inserting it into your own Piggy Bank. Yayyyyy πŸ˜€ And let me add that just Today we turned 21 MONTHS OLD.

So here are some noticeable changes/ comparisons from last Eid’s to this. Cheers.

THAT LOOK is quite intact even after an year πŸ˜‰


Perhaps the ONLY ‘sitting’ picture from THIS Eid. Last year, we didn’t know of anything else πŸ˜‰


We can play SOOO MUCH with hairdos now, but yes hair accessories were ALWAYSSS our thing! :*
(Thank God for that…. little girls with loose ‘sweaty’ hair are not such a pretty sight in succh a hot weather)

‘Lying down’ was THE thing then too, ahhhh how can those 3-4 cat naps a day be forgotten? Now we just do it when mimicking ‘NINI TIME’ for fun!Β :p (and a final one nap per day yayyy)


Here comes my MOST FAVORITE of all! Those GIGGLES N’ LAUGHS are simply priceless no? <3 <3

Scroll down for a few more BONUS pics from our EID this year πŸ™‚

This crisp white cotton daadi amma style gharara with a cute tea pink kurti and crushed dupatta was undoubtedly the MOST PRACTICAL and comfortable outfit i saw this Eid, keeping the sweltering weather in mind. I am SOOO glad i got it, and can you believe it was just abt 3200/- or so only while most of the other stuff in the stores was nothing less than 5-6k?? This dress was ordered online from Daaman Kids.

We accessorized this dress with this sooper cute matching necklace & hair accessories from Accessorize Pakistan, another place which is highly adored at our place <3 (Don’t bother going if you are on budget please, this visit can break the bank completely). And the little one completely refused to wear khussas & bangles due to the ‘garmi’ and we decided not to insist.

How CUUUTE is this simple, neat, convenient & practical hair style for a little girl! (with short/ medium length hair that you can’t play with much) Done by ‘yours truly’ πŸ˜€ If you moms want, i can totally add a tutorial some time πŸ™‚

eid hair





It’s a RARE incidence that you get a decent picture taken with your little one, especially if you are behind the camera. It’s either a closed eyes bummer, too blurry for your aesthetics or show a grumpy baby/ toddler (or of course because the FAT shows at all the wrong ‘un-editable’ places :p). These are perhaps the only few reasonable ones i can find with myself in them….please bear with me O.o

I almost ALWAYS dress up VERY SIMPLE, following my own personal style statement. Honestly, i had planned to wear something else on Eid, but the ‘garmi factor’ made me switch my plans at a very last minute. This addoorable summery top is from Daaman too. Completely smitten by those Nude Sandal heels by Charles & Keiths



For the 2nd DAY OF EID, the dress we ordered for the li’l one from Daaman turned out a bit too HUGE, so naturally we had to look for something else. I LOVVVVED Khaadi Kids collection this season, their kurtas were sooo appropriately PERFECT for the season with cute prints, cuts AND PRICES. As low as Rs 1200 WOW isn’t that cool? You can check their stuff here.Β (Doubt they will have anything left by now though)

Unfortunately since i started looking too late, their sleeveless kurtas which i wanted had gone out of stock nationwide in their ‘toddler sizes’…. BUT i COMPLETELY fell for THIS white kurta top (pics below) as soon as i saw it, it’s comfortably loose, airy and looks desi, which made it a great alternative for her, despite the fact that i like to do ‘desi’ (kameez, ghararas, kurtas etc) on Eids. Kher, for 1400 it was totally a steal. Didn’t find anything else this cute, say what??

EID 21

For us it HAS to be hair tied up in Summer. I spend lavishly on HAIR ACCESSORIES, and feel devastated if i lose any :/ *hmphh*Β 

EID 22

EID 24

EID 25

I LOVVVVE this kurta top! yummm

EID 28

And this cheeeeky smileee :*

EID 29
How did you manage this EID with a little one at hand? Did you end up having a lots of fun like we did? How did you cope up with the heat? Do share your side of the story in the comments below πŸ™‚


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