Its late…..wayyy past midnight, but not too late for a ‘desi mom’.

You can still find her up n’ on her toes, with all her ‘active turbo jet’ might at this hour, trying to prep a Sehri meal loaded with Parathas, Lassis, Salan and XYZs that we desis are sooo accustomed to eating for Sehri, nothing less than a Valima meal! :p

Ramadan Sehri

THIS is how a Desi Mom’s Ramadan looks like ….. and you dare say something about the ’roundness’ :p

And she has to wake you up right after the meal has found its proper place on the table for you to devour in your half-asleep state. After all what’s the point of waking up half an hour before the cut-off time? Desi Mom hai nah! 

Just when everybody is almost done, she’d sneak in to the kitchen to quickly swallow down her tidbits of Sehri, perhaps a quick glass of milk and a hand full cereal. Yep that’s what she’d fast on, remember she needs to make ‘healthy choices’ to stay active throughout Ramadan to help you pull through it. And frankly, a quick fix is better than making another Paratha in the middle of the night.

Oh and by the way, amidst her lavish Sehri making sessions, there is a sleeping baby/ toddler/ child or children that she just put to sleep a little while back and now has to make sure to check on them and not be too loud so as to wake them up.

Fajar time…..probably the only time of the day she can fit in some prayers and Quran with everybody else sound asleep. And darn, is she too sleepy herself or what…… zzZZzzzzzZZZ


9 am Oh yes……that’s when the kaam wali comes knocking on the door and screaming with all her vocal might…..In a second you are off your bed & back on your toes to get the chores done. Remember the quality of ‘cleaning’ she will do till the time you are not standing right ‘on’ her head to supervise?? And of course you HAVE to get the house cleaned NOW, provided you want it to look like a disaster in case an ‘unexpected’ visitor calls in for Iftar at your place……That scary thought is enough to drag out of your morning sleep!

9:00 am again…………remember the little creature you put to sleep at 10:00 pm in a hope to find some ‘me time’, to finish chores, watch some TV, fit in some prayers, read a book, rest a bit, browse or simply to write a blog post?? There is only as much a little one can sleep dear, and 10-12 hours is about a max straight that a toddler will sleep.

Ramadan mornings

Gooood Morning World! Here comes the naughty!

So, its kaam wali and then a baby……that’s a jet start to your roza.

So you are back to where it all started. THE MIGHTY KITCHEN. After all, the little one isn’t fasting and needs to have their breakfast. Can’t wait till everybody in the house fasts and kids can be a tad bit of help in the kitchen too at Sehris and Iftars? Really?

No for now, I can’t wait till next year when the little one is slightly older enough to be able to do some Ramadan and Eid related crafts n decor……it’s already a sight, seeing her bring her baby Jayenamaz and drop down in a Sajdaa, mimicking the elders, and bring little hands up over her face in Amen after a little prayer *the only thandak in this garma garam Ramadan*

So during the day time in a ‘fasting’ Ramadan of a desi mom…..there is definitely no room for sleep, as you have a toddler or a baby to look after. Even if you are lazying around the house like a dead rat, you can NOT sleep.

If you have a little one under 1, chances are you are putting them to their ‘cat naps’ after every short interval. If you have a toddler, the naps are less but you will encounter the thrills of all that non-stop walking/ running/ climbing/ jumping & those ‘give me attention’ or ‘take me BAAHIR’ (outside) hours, especially during the day time when hubs is not around and little one is THE most active. And it’s TRULY HORROR a story if you decided to potty train them bcz its ‘the ideal summer time to PT’ *sigh*

OKAY! Enough said about the little one. Aren’t they your sweet little angels? :*

Ramadan activities

Angel, no?


Ramadan 'outings'

One of those ‘Baaaahhirrr’ (as she says) moment!


FINALLY Iftar time grows nearer. JUST about 4 hours more left. PHEW 

That’s alright you re going to spend all this time tinkering those pots n pans in the kitchen trying to make some great oil drizzling food which is the ‘true essence’ of Ramadan. Nothing could pass on time like some ‘couple of dishes’ being made in the kitchen.

Let’s step into the kitchen and pass the time. ….


That gust of hot burning air that smacks on your face…..Its a month of June, not to forget, and passing just a few minutes in there make you feel more exhausted. Thanks to ALLLL those samosas, rolls, patties & kababs you froze in advance for Ramadan preps. What IF you hadn’t? Just WHAT IF??

Kher…..thank God it’s also hubby’s ‘coming home’ time. One person that you can conveniently rely on for a little help and support because THE MAIDS will not (That’s a story for another time moms ;)) The samosa frying & toddler entertaining can be delegated to him while you take a quick nap. PHEW AGAIN

Amidst these dilly dallying thoughts, arrives Mister back home, apparently very pale disoriented and distraught. ‘Roza lagna’ at its peak is what you see. Before you even gather your thoughts half into your mouth, he’s jumped off to couch and is snoozing already. Bye Bye positivity! 😀

And here you are again in that hot n humid kitchen, with a toddler clinging to one arms and samosas to be fried in the other………..all set for some ‘master chef’ stunts.

Make the countless food items, serve them just right on time……and not be able to try all that bcz either the little one threw a tantrum right at iftar or you forgot a couple of essentials to serve/ make and then one after another its something or the else which keeps you stuck….till its almost midnight when you finally get time to do some midnight snacking as everybody’s fallen asleep for few lucky hours.

Thank God for a MUG OF TEA that you can count on! Lalaalaa <3 (provided of course you get to drink it HOT)

And here’s to a peaceful midnight munching of anything that you can grab or is left…….forget all those Ramadan healthy eating resolutions you made.

Maybe next year 😉


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