Moms, we are going to kick start a fresh from the oven ‘weekly’ series on the blog called ‘A Desi Mom’s Picks’, which will feature a few of my ‘favoritest’ picks of the week. If you follow us on Instagram, you must have seen a lots of great finds i keep posting along with their narratives. I receive a number of queries from moms wanting to know more about where to get those items from, specs/ details etc. So here we are, this series is dedicated to all the mommy/baby related stuff that i truly, madly, deeply fall in love with either because of it’s immense usability, low cost, baby/ mom friendliness or simply because of its uniqueness. It can be ANY thing (a hotel, toy, a book, a store, a gadget, an ice-cream brand etc etc.) that has made us feel good.

So, let’s get started…..

Desi Mom's Picks


1- PinArt

Recently came across this Retro fun game. Something from our parents time perhaps. I was reluctant to buy it at first but eventually we brought it home for about Rs 600/- ONLY, and WOW, do we all (adults and little one alike) LOVE it or what! Such a unique, imaginative play that can keep you engaged for hours as you make 3D prints of anything & everything you can imagine. This is where the fun, creativity & imagination factor lies. Thousands of loose pins are attached to a board & placing an object on them creates a perfect 3D art impression.

We have tried hands, feet, ears, face, spatulas, elmo (oh yes), spoon, eye-sight glasses and just what not. To my surprise, my lil girl LOVES it more than anybody. So do we, by the way. It’s totally a keeper. And has amazingly mind-soothing effect.

You can buy it from Green Valley, Bahria Town Islamabad (this is where we picked ours from) for Rs 600-700/- ONLY. Take a sneak peek at the endless pin art possibilities here

Can you guess whose face it is?? 😉 (Hint: Not mine for sure)


Pin Art


2- Clothespins Picture Frame

Sometimes you get sooo SOOOO LUCKY with your finds!!

A few days back i went to this sooper cool Stationary & Gift Store nearby. This store is where i pick allll the cool stuff i have been using for my girl’s activities. So i was looking to pick a canvas and a couple of supplies for a small DIY accessories organization project that i had in mind (I will soon share it in another post) And then i found this mind blowing, wiiiiide Clothespin Picture Frame, peeking meekishly at me from behind alllll the other photo frames there. Clearly since it was a different one, the store folks didn’t believe a lot of people would be interested, but for me it was like i hit a jackpot 😀 JUST what i was going to make for my project.

I was assuming to be somewhere around 7-8k for being a uge one in size, but can you believe it costed 2K ONLY? Shocking no?

Kher, it was brought home, used instead of my DIY project and it looks amazzzing. I will reveal what i did with it, in a separate post, till then enjoy it as it is.

It is such a cool frame to display your pictures in. Individual frames are too cliche’ no? and guess what you can EASILY DIY. All you need i is a frame/ a canvas & cloth, laundry pins, strings & your fun photos. Find inspirations here.

I bought it from Variety Book & Gift Store, which is at the basement of Tehzeeb Bakers, PWD.



3- “Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site”

My Final favorite pick for today is this sooper fun & unique Night time book for your little ones.

I accidentally came across this one, while ‘book-hunting’ for my lil girl, going through those zillions of reviews online. Remember a few days back i posted about how i pick n’ choose books for my girl? So, THIS one book was showing as a children’s bestseller in all popular book sites, and it has such a different theme that no wonder it was. The author is Sherri Duskey Rinker & illustrator is Tom Lichtenheld.

A few construction trucks have been working all day and are dead tired and sleepy by night. They are all set to say ‘Night night’ to their construction site, cuddle their loveys and hit their beds.

The fun rhyming of this story and adoraaable illustrations of trucks ‘yawning’ or ‘cuddling a toy’, make it a MUST for cars and trucks lovers and others alike. We have a craze for trucks at our place, so this find was an instant HIT! I think, not just kids, but adults would love it too. It’s too cute to be missed out!

You can read its reviews at goodreads and buy it from amazon or They do ship some books to Pakistan, although i myself have never tried it. Also, did you know that Saeed Book Bank helps you arrange books that you want?

Good night Construction Site


That’s all for this week!

Do let me know how you liked this week’s ‘mom’s picks’!

See ya! xx

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