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This week we went through a minor transition at our place and it gave me a trip down the memory lane.

We finally converted the crib into a toddler bed!

The crib that we so happily and confidently bought to supposedly work as baby’s first sleeping place. Crib which is a whimsical symbol of having a little angel around. Crib that gets the honor of being one of the first important purchases before the baby is due. Should be a fancy little place to brighten up those umpteen snooze cruises a day, with all those colorful toys hanging atop, soothers to provide the calming tunes and cushions softer than a mother’s touch.

The crib that might NEVER be used in real because breastfeeding gives way to co-sleeping as silently and naturally as a mom tiptoes out of the bedroom after putting the baby to sleep.

Given another chance, i can’t say what i would go for:Β buy a crib and muster all the super mom courage to get the baby used to it from day number one or not buy it at all because dude… i don’t want to wake up every ten times in the middle of the night, half-drunk in the madness of those endless breastfeeding sessions, to transport a baby in and out of the crib. Somethings are better done in semi-consciousness, right? Taking a peek back into those early weeks after little one was born, Co-sleeping helped me regain a fraction of the sanity back which happily flies off the window once the baby arrives. Mine, i guess, has diffused into the air like a lost soul. Hope to see you again at the other side, my friend!

So …..

Breastfeeding + Co-sleeping = Some sanity retrieved

As a first time mom, i was adamant that i will eventually use the crib once we settle in with the baby and then the fusillade of ‘excuses came one after another and the rescue became impossible until there was no option than to ‘hands up’! First came a long bout of colic, then some random constipation phase as the solids were announced, then began teething and by the year ONE we were comfort- feeding like a ninja. Many cold attacks came and passed by, in between. And then as the girl turned into a toddler, she grew more aware of her surroundings and ‘MY’ and ‘MINE’ became the focal words around our small place, she started loving the idea of ‘her own bed’.Β Equal part contribution rights go to MAISY the great mouseΒ as he shared his bedtime regime every night and became my girl’s buddy. He also gets the credit for ‘brushing teeth’ and toilet habits. AND this First 100 words book worth $3 which introduces the things associated with sleeping and all, did a lot of magic too.

So, did i tell you that my one year old toddler was sleeping in her own crib? She was and did for a couple of months. Came mosquitoes, i persisted. Came molars and i fought back like a warrior with unwavering determination. She was still breastfed and it still took me an hour to put her to her final night sleep. SLEEP till date, has always been a battle at our place unfortunately and as gruesome as it seemed then, i now realize it’s this way with most breastfed babies. So one day fine day (or night) the realization dawned on me and we decided to shift the responsibilities a bit. ‘Putting to sleep’ task was delegated to baba, it made the things a lot easier and i could fit in a lot of my works during that time. And that’s exactly where the co-sleeping journey began AGAIN which has continued up till now. Babas are to spoil right?

That all said, the flip side of the coin is that the decision to let baba put her to sleep also helped me great deal with night-weaningΒ which is perhaps the biggest battle for breastfeeding moms. Since it was helping in a way, i decided that i was too tired to gather the energy AGAIN to put her back to the crib so i never tried again. I succumbed to the complacent heart of a mom with a toddler πŸ˜‰

Recently, the itch started AGAIN πŸ˜€Β I thought the humongous crib was taking all the space inside my already tiny room and now that the toddler knows all the rules of security and safety by heart, it’s just the time to convert her crib into a toddler bed. Will give our room some air to breathe AND she can choose to sleep on it IF and ONLY IF she desires.

A tiny toddler bed was all set and a 2.4 years old was even more ready to own it and instantly graced it with her first nap! πŸ˜€ This cute little bed is where we take the day nap now, HAPPILY. For nights, CO-SLEEPING STILL RULES …….because errr ehmm…. did i mention that toddlers go through a phase of ‘night terrors’ and ‘night mares’ too?? :p Ahh whatever, lets revel in the joy of those tender cuddles and soft sloppy kisses till then ……….

Convertible Crib was purchased from a famous toy store in blue area (the shop at the basement, islooites will know πŸ˜‰ ) I once saw it at Zubaida’s online store too and for lesser the price.
Crib bed set was picked from Babies r Us, by CocaLo, available at Amazon and other places too.

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