How CUTE and simple are these colorful DIY Clothespin airplanes!  <3

PERFECT for a lazy Sunday, when you don’t want to do much, but at the same time want the kiddos to have some easy simple fun & learning.

Clothespin Airplanes

The primary idea behind making these today was that the the little one is OBSESSED with AIRPLANES & TRUCKS. This was a completely unplanned craft activity & the plan to do it came out of nowhere. Like we said earlier you can totally go for it when you are feeling soooper doooper lazy…..yet have a sooooper cute & fun craft play time.

We have always been short of SIMPLE Craft ideas for toddlers, and THIS is just it! Such simple crafts can be a good way to introduce DIY Projects to your toddler. Remember, early toddlers get frustrated very easily and such simple activities can encourage them a lot to be creative without getting fussy.

We feel that this craft activity was great for fine motors, creativity, pretend & imaginative play. Great idea for Gross motors too since the little ones will be swooshing the airplanes here and there, up & down, involving their whole body movement. 

Material Required for Clothespin Airplanes

Chances are that you might have all the material available already at home, like we did.

1. Colorful Craft/ Popsicle Sticks

2. Clothespins

3. Double adhesive tape (is what we used, but you can absolutely use hot glue or anything else which sticks to wooden material)

4. Scissors

You can use simple wooden craft sticks too, by having your little one paint them into different colors. We had these colorful ones handy so we used them.
Clothespin Airplanes

ALL you have to do is to take TWO full sized craft sticks and stick them at the FRONT end of clothespin horizontally, one at the top & one at bottom. Next, cut one craft stick into half and stick it at the back.


Your kiddo’s cute little Clothespin Airplane is all ready to go! 😀

Let them play with it as they fancy, or you can even display their craft in their room or fridge by gluing a magnet at the back.


Since already on a “FLIGHT” MODE, we decided to quickly make some PAPER & STRAWS PLANES too. The inspiration for which came from Peapodlabs blog. Although they don’t look as cute as these clothespin ones but you can actually fly them off like traditional planes and these can easily be made by your toddler. We think it is one GREAT AIMING ACTIVITY for your toddler, great for Gross Motor skills. This is how they look like….

Paper straw planes
One starts to wonder HOW these funny looking glider planes work?

This article here explains the science behind it. You aim this paper plane like an arrow and it glides pretty well. They didn’t go too well for the little one right now as she is only 20 months old, and still needs some practice to aim objects perfectly. But the best part was that she TRIED. Playing with these or traditional planes is pretty good for Gross Motor skills, but traditional ones are slightly more difficult for a toddler to make and these ones are sooper easy. Also we all know how much toddlers love STRAWS and everything made with them 😀

You need these 4 items only to make these paper & straw planes. You can use a simple A4 Paper & have your kids decorate it, or use a thicker sheet. Make 2 hoops, one bigger for the engine at the back and one smaller which works as a cockpit. Tape them with a straw at each end, and you are all set to fly it 🙂

Material paper straw airplanes

Do let us know how these SIMPLE airplane ideas worked for you and your little ones 🙂

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