Dump those store bought, odd-smelling & expensive play dough batches NOW!

Here comes, hands down, the bestest, no fuss & the easiest Play Dough Recipe EVER!

With THIS Ahh-mazzingly simple homemade Play Dough Recipe, i doubt you would ever want to head to a store to buy one.

The bestest PLAY DOUGH Recipe Ever!
I have personally bought and used many type of play-dough available in the market. The cheaper versions smell sooper horrible & pungent, and dry out soo sooo quick whereas the original costly ones like Play-Doh are wayyyy too heavy on the pocket. Recently, my maids and a few guest kids left my girl’s Play-Doh set opened for a long time and it dried up COMPLETELY, totally breaking my heart, since the lil one loves Play Doh sooo much now 🙁 BUT, i ALWAYS knew i would be making home-made batches once she starts playing with them more often so i had all the ingredients readily available in my pantry.

You don’t need any fancy ingredients for this recipe, except for ‘Cream of Tartar’, which is one of the ingredients and gives this recipe that ‘special’ play dough texture, and helps it last a loong time (say a couple of weeks at least)

Another reason WHY this recipe is my favorite is because its NO-COOK. I usually try to keep my girl involved in all such activities we do, so i wanted it to be a ‘team work’. I wanted her to have a lots of fun n’ learning in the process. I believe, it’s critical for kids to know how things are done, so they have a more ‘process oriented approach’. So, my 21 month old could easily make this play-dough with me and have a lots of fun. Her cousin was over too, so we called it a group activity which ended up in a lots of crazy chaos, but that’s OK, no?

Stuff you need:

1. 2 Cups Flour

2. 1/2 Cup Salt

3. 2 Tbsp Cream of Tartar

4. 2 Tbsp Oil

5. 1. 5 Cups of Boiling Water

6. Food colors of your choice

Play Dough Ingredients


1- Mix Flour, Salt, Cream of Tatar & oil in a bowl.

2- Boil the water (it doesn’t have to be extremely boiled, just a slight boil would be fine) and add Food color of your choice in it. (In case you didn’t know, that’s how we use food colors in routine, mix them in hot water i mean) I used the ‘sastay waley’ Food colors locally available in any Grocery store, they did great for me. You can use any brand that you like or have.

3- Now you add the colored water into your dry mixture ‘little by little’, keep mixing the mixture with a spoon. Now, knead the dough until it gives you a smooth, Play Dough like consistency. You don’t HAVE to use the whole 1.5 cup of water, STOP where you think it’s done. If at this point, it sticks to your hands, you may add a bit of flour and knead more.

Your PURRFECT looking dough is READY! 

Have your lil ones play with it, and once they are done, wrap it in a cling film, or store in an air tight container, preferably inside the refrigerator. (I made this batch a week back and have been playing with it, it’s as soft and smooth as freshly made yayyy)

Two BIG FAT SLABS of Play Dough


Slabs of PD 1
So, how much time did it take? I bet, not more than 5 minutes each batch. I made 4 colors: Maroon, Yellow, Orange and Pink. My Cream of Tartar finished after that. I will make Green and Blue next time hopefully when i receive the cream of Tartar which i have ordered online. (For details scroll till the end) First batch was made by me, while remaining three were collectively done by the lil ones. By the way, once you get to the kneading part, you don’t feel the hot water AT ALL. It is sooper comfortable to knead with kids, trust me.

Amidst all the chaos, i couldn’t get time to take pictures at all, as i was least expecting the kids to start playing with it as soon as it was made, that too inside the kitchen. There were tantrums, screams and cries, as my toddler is in an ’emotions turbulent’ stage of life where there is no concept of sharing! :p

Homemade Play Dough

Little one is obsessed with SNAKES these days, ever since Naani gave her a little snake toy, and she lovvves ROLLING (she is always trying to ‘roll up’ the blinds at my place) and ‘googly eyes’ too. So she rolled up to make a big snake, her FIRST Play Dough animal ever 🙂 

Play dough snakePlay Dough snake 1

I would like you moms to let you know that the inspiration to make this fantabulous Play Dough Recipe came from this wonderful blog called The Imagination Tree.

Also, i got this Cream of Tartar from US a while back since i always knew i would be making Play Dough at home. But i had been trying hard to look around for it here in local stores, but to not avail. I have tried all big and small stores but couldn’t find it. However, recently i finally found a bakers store online selling the jars of cream of tartar, 250gm for about Rs 300-400 ONLY. I have just ordered for me. You can check from there on their page HERE or their website.

For play ideas with Play Dough, check this excellent Play Dough and straws activity we posted sometime back.

Let me know in the comments how it turned for you and your lil ones.
Happy Play-Doughing Moms <3

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