This HAS to be the CUTEST and most FUN activity we have done at our place so far.

It happened to be THE PERFECCT time to carry this one out, for TWO reasons: First, Little M is learning ‘colors’ these days. Secondly, she has been sooper fascinated with this ‘Dropper’ tool from the learning resources fine motor set we use. I had been giving her plain water and a small container to practice filling/ emptying the container with this dropper. And then one day, it occurred to me how apt THIS activity will be to her current love for dropper and colors. (AND BUBBLES yaaeeyyyy)

I  usually just have to announce ACTIVITY now, and M knows a fun surprise activity is on her way. That’s exactly what i did after setting the 2 minute prep equipment.



You just need these simple things at hand:

1. Baking Soda
2. Different food colors (i used powder form, remember those sastey waley i used for my play dough HERE?)
3. A Dropper. Use any that you have, a medicine dropper would do JUST FINE. I used the one which comes with Learning Resource Fine Motor Set
4. Vinegar (White.)

Set up the activity by spreading the Baking Soda on a tray. Sprinkle a variety of food colors on the soda thus making tiny colorful spaces like this:

Keep the dropper & Vinegar in a ‘wide’ container for lil one’s ease n’ comfort. 


If they are new to dropper, teach them how to use it first.

Tell them to aim the liquid in a dropper at each color separately. We are working contributing A LOT to ‘Hand-eye co-ordination’ and Focus here. Also, Using dropper is superb for fine motor skills & hand muscles strengthening. 

BS 3 BS 9
Look at that FIZZZY GREEN yayyyy 😀 

The excitement you will see on your little one’s face during this fizz fun is priceless. Let them repeat and pop all the colors fizzy 😀

BS 10 BS 11 BS 12
As the vinegar slides down the dropper! 🙂 

BS 13

Here comes a pretttyyy PINK! 

BS 14 BS 16
I think ALMOST every toddler will want to FEEL the colorful mixture in the middle, which is EQUALLY fun. Let them enjoy and explore this sensory experience. 

BS 17
Turned into quite a RAINBOW MUD!

BS 19
BS 20
THIS was the level of excitement achieved during this activity. Look at the sheer joy oozing out of M’s face.

Do keep talking COLORS through out, and if you have older kids you can talk about ‘colors mixing’ or how this activity is a scientific experiment. I refrained from all that serious talk about science since that wasn’t our goal yet.

I will DEFINITELY do this simple 2 min set-up activity again and again. But YOU have to let me know HOW it turned out for your lil one in the comments below.

Happy Fizzing Moms 😀

BS 23

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