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What you see in the title image is a local version of hand-made ‘clay’ Piggy bank, painted with myriad neon colors in a trademark, traditional style. In Urdu, we call it ‘Galla’.

I have always been a saver, and even before the girl was born, i knew i would want to teach her excellent financial management & ‘money skills’ from the very beginning. It is absolutely true that the lessons learnt early are the lessons that leave a lasting impact, and as a mom i believe i am her friend later, but a teacher, mentor and a role model FIRST (My philosophy, you are totally free to disagree with me though). I sometimes like to give credit to my Finance majors too for being a ‘saving freak’, but interestingly a Cambridge University study has also revealed that money habits are formed by the age seven, so you see it’s never too early.

Earlier this year, i decided to begin saving whatever the money she gets as gift, Eidi, random bits from acquaintances etc, and i plan to crack open the ‘Galla’ on her birthday. So i thought instead of getting a fancy shamancy piggy bank, why not stick to the basic ‘desi’ clay one, (doesn’t cost more than Rs 100/-) and i love the way you break it open….sooooo many childhood memories associated with them, remember?? 🙂 I wish to make it an annual ritual, but from her third year onward, (which is next year) i have also planned to introduce to her the ‘Save, Spend, Donate & Invest’ methodology. On a side note, I loved this HONY post exhibiting this concept, which i saw a few days back.

I like being more proactive when it’s about teaching something to the little ones. I believe in giving them some ‘cushion period’ to get comfortable with the idea of doing something. You need to make things a part of their ‘routine’ for them to get accustomed to the idea. So, i introduced the ‘Galla’ to her in a soooper exciting manner, to arouse her curiosity. I then taught her how we insert ‘money’ in it, and now i make her do it pretty often. Her money is ALWAYS inserted in by her, rather can you believe she throws a tantrum over it if you dare do it yourself :p So, she knows it’s HER’S and its a ritual that SHE has to perform. Knowing my little one, i am totally confident that she will be ecstatic to see sooo much money when we break open the ‘galla’. And by the way, i thought it was such a great activity for ‘fine motor skills’ 🙂

So, now she understands that something called MONEY exists, and it’s not supposed to be torn, chewed, trashed or thrown away. It’s something that is important and kept with care. It is just a very small step towards teaching her a soooper useful life skill, and i plan to use a lots of tactics in future to ensure she understands ‘money’ and can ‘choose’ for herself WISELY by making right financial decisions from a very early start.



All you have to do is to get a piggy bank and direct your little ones to SAVE, SAVE, SAVE whatever bit they can.

Sorry, but I do N-O-T support spending money given to them at any cost on your expenses OR deciding on their behalf how it should be spent. You are killing their power of free will….and that too at a budding stage. It’s theirs, let them feel the ownership. Let them play around with it and teach, guide & mentor them while they are at it. This challenge is open to kids of ANY AGE.

I will break open THE GALLA in the image in October (her 2nd), and i will totally keep you moms in loop on the outcome, and of course on what we have planned to do with ‘the saved’ amount this & each year 😉

In the meanwhile, do get back to us with the plan you have chalked out & how much you could save. Ta-ta & bye-bye.

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