Being caught up in the never-ending day to day tasks of motherhood, the most strenuous thing a mother faces is to be able to take out an exclusive time for our little ones to help them grow different learning skills. A mother is a primary care-taker in a desi household, and there is less concept of certified baby sitters, nurseries or day cares, which makes it all the more critical for us to have a quality time with our little ones to provide them fun, entertainment and learning opportunities.

A second challenge which we face is a non-availability of creative outlets such as lack of entertainment centers for babies, toddlers and kids, as well as a dearth of creative stationary and craft items here at our side of the world. Most of the stores in Pakistan have expensive toys or craft items which go over the budget for an average desi mom.

Our motive is to provide a plethora of such simple and creative activities for kids which can be done with items available a an arm’s length and can be performed without having to take out a massive amount of time out of our tough schedules, yet at the same time keeping our kids super entertained and adding to their skill set.

We gather our inspiration from internet, other blogger moms and from our surroundings.

Our motto is ‘Learning with a lots of fun’.

Although the blog centers around the concept of desi-ism, Please note that these activities can be performed by any of you from any part of the world, and we would love to have your input 🙂

So let’s get the balls rolling! 🙂