Welcome to my Mom Blog!


I am thrilled to welcome you to my fun little space where we will talk about everything ‘motherhood’. From pregnancy to mom hacks, desi myths to some fantastic mom & kids friendly places, i will share my bit on all. I aspire to be a BFF to Pakistani, desi (and international) moms and you can totally take a peek into my personal life and find all the sugar n’ spice, (NOT always) everything nice’ kind of stuff 😉



So Who am i?


I am Nosheen aka Nosch. A mom of a toddler girl. A stay at home mom. Based in Islamabad, Pakistan. Love travelling and exploring cultures. Have been a ‘corporate slave’ for a couple of years until i had my girl and the life would choose some other plans for me, that i graciously bowed down to. This new chapter of my life gave way to a lot of craziness that comes as a by-product of being a SAHM but i like to believe that it gave me an ample opportunity to finally have time for all the things i LOVED but could never do before, for instance BLOGGING!

So here i am, doing what i love and loving what i do!

Join me with a hot mug of coffee or an essential karak desi chaye as i rant and rave about being a mom to a toddler!

Happy Reading, moms! <3