The craze for “ABC” began at our place just out of the blue.

Honestly, I had never expected a toddler UNDER 2 to become so love-struck with these 26 letters, obsessed enough to have us sing ABC to her as a night time lullaby, oh No! :p Amidst all the other learning fun that we have at our place, i wanted the conventional ABC & 123 type of learning to be left for school.

BUT at the same time, as a mom, i totally believe in going for the cues & taking leads from your baby in terms of their learning & grasping abilities. So when my girl started showing this new found interest in everything ABC, i shook off the idea of resisting her natural inclination towards it and started digging out fun ways to throw some ABC back at her.

According to this BabyCenter article, Letter recognition starts somewhere between 2 and 3 years of age and you can start introducing letters when they are 2. That makes us pretty much right on time yeah??


A few days back, i came across this FANTASTIC letter recognition activity HERE. I love creating DIY activities that don’t require fancy equipment, can be an interactive, participative and imaginative experience for the little one and hones multidimensional skills in her along with providing the fun element.

My girl LOVES activities. I, usually just have to announce “ACTIVITY” to pump up her excitement level. This certain day, i had committed to her of doing one and then i went totally blank on what to do. And then this thought occurred to me, and next moment i was mind-scrolling the ‘availability’ of required supplies. YES i did have everything readily available. That’s because i have a thing for stationary supplies, i pick them anywhere i find them (so difficult to find good ones in Pakistan)


1- A small carton or a Cardboard Box – I love putting Nestle Milkpak’s cartons to use for activity purposes.

2- Wooden Craft sticks (From Variety Store)

3- Foam Letter Stickers, easily available in most Stationary Stores. I picked these from that cool one near my place called Variety Gift & Stationary Shop (Too bad it’s NOT a paid post :p )

4-  A Cutter & a Marker/ Pen
(Ignore the missing letters, i had already put them to use before taking this pic 😉 )


STEP 1: Paste the foam letter stickers at the end of each craft stick, hence making 26 craft sticks with each letter. If you don’t find sticking foam letters, you can glue plain letters with a glue stick, or as a last resort you may choose to write the letters with colorful Markers. Having your little one paste the letters on the craft sticks, turn it into such a great hand-eye coordination, focus & letter recognition activity in itself. And they feel empowered when they do it themselves 🙂

lr-1 lr-2lr4

You will have 26 craft sticks with each letter. Don’t they look sooo cute??

Craft Sticks Letters

STEP 2: On the top of the carton/ box, write all the letters in BOLD with a Marker, leaving a decent distance in between them. Use cutter to make half an inch cut under each letter

Letters Cuts

Hand the craft sticks to your Toddlers/ Pre-schoolers & challenge them into inserting the letter sticks under the right letters correctly.

So much fun matching letters while working those Fine motor skills. Don’t forget that your goal is to let them get comfortable with letters while having fun. No need to follow the sequence, just let them figure out what to do themselves, with a little reinforcement from you of course. This is definitely not a one time activity, you can perform it every once in a while, perhaps through their pre-school phase.

Here we are trying to insert a “Z”. 



Yehayyyy. Succeeded in doing so, with mama’s help of course! 🙂


Lil one made an imaginary CAKE out of this board once all the craft sticks were in and she went singing ‘Happy birthday to youu………’ . It’s amazing to see how their minds work, and that IS the way they should work. FREELY! Creatively!

Lastly, the ABC Board even went with us for a NAP later on! And we read “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” to it too (Our Favoritteee ABC Book). I am sharing below the animated version of this brilliant ABC book for you, which i found on youtube. It’s a MUST HAVE guys.

Is your toddler/ Pre-schooler crazy about ABC? Do try out this easy-peasy fun n’ cute activity with them and let me know how it worked out.

Happy Learning! xx


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