Friends, i have set some resolutions for 2017!

No i am not going to make some lousy attempts at joining a hard core work-out routine that has repeatedly failed or put some halfhearted efforts
to try out every tempting recipe making a round on the internet. Reading 812 books an year, right? WRONG! Realistically speaking, not a luxury a mom of a toddler can afford. I am not even planning to turn into an angel towards my husband. LOL. Not anytime soon! :p I have set my mind to looking at a bigger (perhaps better) picture this year.

I am a strong proponent of new year resolutions, IF made right. Helps keep a lunatic in me on track! To some it is a silly, unmet notion which can be applied any time of the year. But to me, setting goals provide a great starting and ending point and New Year is hands down the BEST time. SET & EVALUATE!

Alongside, a slow gradual change within us is ALWAYS in progress but its always great to officially cut the ribbon. A great plus of setting resolutions is that there is self-accountability and direction.

THREE tricks that can help you on track are: keep SMART goals, let the changes sink in gradually at their pace (no short cuts to greater things whatever) and pour a truck of SELF-commitment and discipline.

So grab your coffee and read my list NOW!

1. “ME” comes first!

Yes you heard it right. NOT Him! NOT that tiny toony! NOT those distant members of extended family! And especially, not those clever-ass maids (hmph!) No one comes before “ME”!

As moms, we are expected to give an exorbitantly mind-blowing performance, but trust me there is nothing like a ‘Mom of the year award’! Fueling your inner is what gets you to at-least qualify as an imaginary candidate. And the reward is greater than you think – YOUR SANITY! As light as we tend to take it, a big bunch of loved ones out there rely heavily on that, trust me! Nobody enjoys a nagging soul around. If i be honest to myself, the weirdest monstrous version of myself appears the most when i am stuck in the rut, disconnected from the world and myself and not living life on my own terms. Time to hold the reins! (evil laugh)

Like a Boss! 😉

Self-care is my top most priority for 2017. Ideally, that should include anything and everything that gives you inner peace and happiness. Yes, even if that means having a quality time leaving your kids behind. BURY THE GUILT!

2. A Play Hour (with undivided attention)

As easy as it sounds, entertaining a toddler tugging at your arms while you have piles of laundry, dirty dishes, a huge stack of clothes to sort, your personal plans (blog?), some crazy deadlines and what not on your mind. I plead guilty to have been playing ‘clean-up’ with her lately every time she invites me to play, assuming i can get the work done and grab her interest. Giving them a chance to be a part of all these routine things is ah-mazzing, but i feel a set play time is also critical,especially if you are the only person they get to interact and play with.

So here is one full dedicated hour of being mentally present. HER hour! I know the things she craves for every day and i plan on including those, like doing activities, reading books, playing with toys, crafts etc.

Last year, at the Toddler area of Wonder World Lahore – where we had a good fun filled half hour of mom-baby play time!

3. WALK where i can!

I can’t believe i have been driving to places a single kilometer from my place. How uncool! I could give myself a benefit of doubt as i had a baby/ early toddler but now that she’s all up for walking around on a stroller, this is it for me. If you are blessed to be living in a neighborhood where a million ogling eyes won’t be scanning you and the coolest markets are all around, then to MUST hai!

Not a walk near my place – but a walk nonetheless!


So for us, its walking to the park, market, bank, parlor, restaurant, cinema (oh yes i have one a min walk from my home haha). Fitness goals right? Having failed all my weight loss targets miserably on repeat, choosing an alternative lifestyle could aid a sinking boat! Let’s do it! 🙂

4.  Go Minimalist!

Not that i already ain’t! Saving’ comes naturally to me and i don’t go around crowding my life with stuff i don’t need.

But even the extreme picky mom tends to get balled up by a wide variety available for children’s stuff. We tend to splurge to an un-measurable extent when it comes to our kids, driven by those maternal emotions. Also, most of the impulsive buying is triggered by flashy advertising, selling stuff to us that we don’t really need.  I once did a post on fancy but unnecessary things we tend to buy for babies and that we can totally skip, you can read about it here.

So the goal is not to bury ourselves under the beefy burden of material things, not to give in to the temptation of buying about a thousand toys, heaps of clothes and all the trashy stuff that sits idle for years. LESS IS MORE!

The best things in this world are NOT ‘things’ at all!

5. Become conscious while speaking

Last but definitely the one i rate the highest is how we speak to and around our little ones. Sometimes we let out a lot of unwanted vocabulary and that verbal diarrhea gets out of control. It is totally mind boggling to see how those little toddlers can make out of even a small whisper of a word and use it somewhere public to pass some embarrassment your way.

As a mom, it is very easy to let go of your emotional control and blurt something foul. While rare incidences could be ignored, sometimes how we speak become a habit. My goal is to be sooper conscious about what i say, how i say it (ahhhhh the woes of loud-toned, highly expressive people) and how i articulate my thoughts into crisp words.


Did you set any resolutions for 2017? Do you plan to be a tad bit harder on your self about them this year? Would love to hear about your resolutions this year!

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