A Desi Mom’s experiences are nothing far from being ‘super natural’ in their own hilarious way. She is found juggling between baby (ies)/ children, a bigger baby aka ‘hubby dear’, a house full of family from each side of ‘maika’ & ‘susraal’ and to top it all off a ‘maid brigade’ to make her life a thrilling, adventurous roller coaster ride. Forget logic or science, her experiences are primarily based on factors like old wive’s tales, desi totkas, cultural myths and a fundamental pressure of ‘log kia kahein gay’ and ‘humney bhi to aisa hi kiya tha’. All these combine to make a desi mom’s pregnancy, motherhood & parenting journey a very very unique one compared to the mothers all over the world.

1. You get to hear all the colorful myths as soon as you reveal the news.

saas bahu meme 2


2. You happily succumb to eating all that khatta, meetha, spicy and HIGHLY fattening food in DOUBLE quantity during and post pregnancy because ‘baita’ now “you HAVE to eat for two” and you have a green signal to eat all the junk.
You produce what you eat!

You produce what you eat!


3. You have got pampered to a point of annoyance by your loved ones. Don’t bend, don’t drive, don’t dance, don’t exercise, don’t travel, don’t go out…….and that unlimited list of ‘Donts’ that has driven you insane at many many times.
Pregnancy is NOT an illness, please!

Pregnancy is NOT an illness, please!


4. Not to forget, your ‘excitement’ when you get to hear all the unsolicited advice from all around.
Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr


5. The long ‘choghas’ look-alike dresses with a unique ‘desi’ style of draping a dupatta which you wear to look ‘modest’ during your pregnant months.



6. Totkas are always better than a doctor’s advise.

Meme source: A Desi Mom's blog


7. You have had a cup full of PANJEERI each day at some point in your post delivery period, hiding your reluctance tactfully.
Absolutely beneficial...and delicious!

Absolutely beneficial…and delicious!


8. You get those gazes when you announce you will be back to work or going to hang out with your friends. After all being with a baby 25 hours a day is your prime purpose of life now.



9. Catering to zillions of unannounced guests is more important than your physical health & well-being pre/post delivery.



10. You are soooo used to hearing…when is a good news coming? Why did you have baby so late, all well? You have just had a baby, when is his/her brother coming? Two girls: When is a brother coming? Two boys: When is a sister coming?



11. Parenting YOUR baby is more of dada/dadis’, nana/nanis’, phuphos’, khalas’, chachis’, and others’ job than yours


12. LAST, but NOT the least…….Kaam wali kay nakhrey – A desi mom’s life is simply not complete without them!





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